Hongo Industry's Solar Modul

Finally, Bifacial Power Generation
New Innovation For Solar Modules

Features of n-type cells

Reliable power generation at high temperatures

The operating temperature of n-type cells is lower by 5 to 9 degrees Celsius and the rate of reduction in output as the temperature rises is smaller than p-type cells, making the n-type superior in high-temperature environments.

Generates power from weak light

N-type cells display power generation capability superior to p-type cells under lower irradiance in the morning, evening, cloudy and rainy weather.

Minimal light-induced degradation (LID)

N-type cells are less susceptible to LID than p-type cells, so the initial performance loss is minimal.

Extraordinary performance

Cells take in more sunlight and output high levels of power even when used under low-light conditions such as in cloudy weather, in the morning, or in the evening.

Conversion-efficient module

Bifacial n-type monocrystalline receptor 5BB (busbar) cells are used.

Tough and durable

Encased in a weatherproof encapsulated backing with tempered glass. The product has been tested and has been confirmed to have a tough structure that is protected by over 30 cell strings.

Guaranteed Output Capability

Guaranteed module capability of 0 to +5 watts.

Minimal Light-Induced Degradation (LID)

Light-induced degradation has been minimized to maintain generated power levels.

Bifacial power gives you the advantage

Hongo Industry's bifacial power-generating solar module uses light reflected from its surroundings. The innovative design which takes in even more sunlight displays flexible and superior power generation performance gives you the advantage of the product being adaptable to all climates.

Visualization of bifacial power generation

The advantage of transparent backing

By using a tough, transparent, heat-resistant PET material as the transparent module backing, the transmission factor of visible light is greatly increased.
The power generated is increased by receiving more light reflected from the ground.

Bifacial n-type power-generating solar module

Model HONGO-HT120-330GRS
Cell specification 6-inch full-size n-type monocrystalline (156.75 mm × 156.75 mm)
Nominal maximum output 330W
Nominal Maximum power voltage 32.20V
Nominal maximum power current 10.25A
Nominal open-circuit voltage 39.20V
Nominal Short-circuit current 10.81A
Maximum system voltage 1000V
Maximum overcurrent protection rating 15A
External dimensions 1650mm × 992mm × 40mm
Mass 18.2kg