Self-Consumption Solar Power System for Industrial Use

Self-Consumption Solar Power System
for Industrial Use

Our off-grid solar system is an industrial-use, self-consumption
solar power generation system that contains an inverter
and a battery to provide a stable supply of power.

If a large-scale power outage occurs...

  • You cannot contact your family because
    telephones cannot be used
  • You cannot charge your mobile phones
  • You cannot work, so you lose income
  • You cannot see anything in the dark because lights
    cannot be used
  • You cannot use the refrigerator or air conditioning
  • You cannot obtain information because televisions
    and computers cannot be used

Disaster countermeasures for protecting yourself,
your precious family, and your company

HONGO OFF GRID SOLAR SYSTEM provides peace of mind

Peace of Mind No.1

You can live your life almost as usual.
(limited to the range of daily life)

Peace of Mind No.2

No troublesome tasks such as refueling with gasoline.

Peace of Mind No.3

All of the solar panels, mounts, storage batteries, and solar charge controller inverters are provided as a package through EPC service. We even provide operational support.

Self-consumption solar power system for industrial use

  • Safe lithium-ion iron
    phosphate battery
  • Automatically switches to Utility
    depending on the remaining charge
  • Integrated storage battery
    with battery and inverter
  • Visualization of battery
    status on LCD screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi enables
    remote monitoring
  • Mode settings configured
    according to needs

Select from three modes

System specifications
Rated energy 20kWh 10kWh (expandable up to 15kWh)
Module type ZR-FE4850-1530 (8 sets) ZR-FE4850-1530
(4 sets; expandable to 6 sets)
Rated power 6KW-10KW 5KW
Capacity of the motor to be used 6 HP 6 HP
Waveform Pure sine wave/Same as input (bypass mode) Pure sine wave/Same as input (bypass mode)
Nominal output voltage RMS 104V/208VAC (±10% RMS) 104V/208VAC (±10% RMS)
Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz ±0.3 Hz 50Hz/60Hz ±0.3 Hz
Inverter efficiency (peak) >85% >85%
Power factor 1.0 1.0
Transmission time 10ms (max) 10ms (max)
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C 0°C to 40°C
Solar charger    
Maximum PV array power 7000W 5000W
Maximum PV charging current 120A 80A
MPPT range operating voltage (VDC) 60VDC to 145VDC 60VDC to 145VDC
Number of MPPTs 2 1
Maximum PV charging current 60A×2 80A×1
Maximum PV array open circuit voltage 150VDC 150VDC
Maximum efficiency >98% >98%
Electricity consumption <150W <150W
AC charging    
AC charging current 80A 60A
Overcharge protection S.D. 62 V 62 V
Equipment specifications    
Dimensions (W/H/D) 620mm / 1440mm / 830mm 620mm / 1150mm / 830mm
Net weight 405kg approx. 240kg
Circuit breaker    
PV input 500V,100A×2 500V,100A×1
AC input 400V, 63A×1 400V, 63A×1
AC output 400V, 63A×1 400V, 63A×1

* Specifications are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Lithium battery specifications
No. Item Unit Value Notes
01 Module Name ZR-FE4850-1530
02 Cell model EVELF50
03 Combination method 1P15S
04 Rated capacity Ah 56 1C
05 Rated energy Wh 2688 >95%
06 Initial impedance <35 AC1KHz
07 Rated voltage V 48
08 Charging cutoff voltage V 54.75 Cell ≤ 3.65V
09 Discharge cutoff voltage V 40.5 Cell ≥ 2.7V
10 Standard charging current A 10 0.2C
11 Maximum charging current A 50 1C
12 Standard discharge current A 25 0.5C
13 Maximum discharge current A 50 1C
14 Shell type Metal
15 Number of charges and discharges Times 5000 DOD=80%
16 Weight kg 31.5±0.5
17 Operating temperature '0 to +50°C (charging)
-10 to +55°C (discharging)
18 Pre-delivery voltage V 48-51

* Specifications are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.