Hongo Industry's

We provide support for people's everyday lives and the environment
through renewable energy and recycle-oriented civil engineering projects.

Based on the theme of reducing the burden on the global environment,
we are developing recycle-oriented civil engineering and renewable energy projects.


Hongo Industry, which has supported the foundations of people's lives through its construction management business, has been working to reduce the burden on the global environment since it began its environmental preservation and recycle-oriented civil engineering projects. Since then, we have been developing products utilizing our construction management technology and aiming to become a leading company in protecting the global environment and people's lives through clean energy that contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide.

●Tracking type solar power generation stand

●Solar cell module

●Off-grid system


We are engaged in six main categories of civil engineering and construction projects based on the concept of recycle-oriented civil engineering that not only contributes to the development of social infrastructure which reduces the burden on the environment, but also is advantageous for local people and does not generate unnecessary costs.

●Residential land development work

●Farmland maintenance work

●Public works

●Demolition work

●Foundation work

●Exterior construction


Hongo Industry, which is dedicated to reducing the impact on the global environment, has developed and begun providing Japan's first solar power tracking system, which is the first of its kind in Japan and is equipped with the maximum amount of solar panels. This has led to our decisions to start a new Renewable Energy Business. The solar power tracking system developed by us has enabled us to take full advantage of our knowledge, experience, and technology in civil engineering and construction management, and by combining it with the support structure for the solar power system, we have been able to create innovations in the field of natural energy. In recent years, we have used our expertise in the renewable energy business to develop products that support safe and secure everyday social life, such as solar modules that enable highly efficient power generation and off-grid solar systems that provide a stable supply of electricity even during disasters. Hongo Industry is a one-stop provider of a complete range of services from system development and manufacturing to operation. In the future, we intend to expand these technologies horizontally and engage in a variety of renewable energy businesses in addition to solar power generation, with the aim of becoming a leading company in this field.

We handle all aspects of solar power development, manufacturing,
sales and distribution in-house.


We are researching and developing products to further improve the efficiency and quality of power generation by utilizing the expertise of one of the largest solar power tracking systems in Japan.


We provide reliable manufacturing quality while pursuing both a high level of safety and low costs through our own domestic and overseas manufacturing routes.


By developing and manufacturing our products in-house, we can offer them at a direct price without any intermediate costs, thus reducing our customers' initial investment costs.

Land for sale with
solar power generation system

We sell land with solar power tracking systems constructed by Hongo Industry, based on our proven technology as a civil engineering company.

Our solar power tracking system has 196 panels, the most in Japan!

Power generation efficiency
among the highest globally

Approximately 80% more than the forecast annual power generation!! (compared in-house)

●The sun’s path is programmed for automatic tracking by solar panels!

●Can move 240 degrees east–west and 60 degrees north–south to thoroughly catch sunlight!

●Tracks the sun’s path closely, one degree at a time!

For high utilization of narrow
or small lots

Can be installed in an area 40% smaller than required for fixed outdoor types (compared in-house)

Moves north–south using a hydraulic cylinder. Quiet when rotating east–west with a Cyclo motor.

The movement of the sun is programmed. Tracks automatically using two axes, east–west and north–south.

Civil Engineering

Hongo Industry's civil engineering and construction business is based on the principle of recycle-oriented civil engineering. This is a method of thorough reuse of waste materials and reduction of waste generated in the construction process. Recycle-oriented civil engineering involves crushing (recycling) the construction by-products (concrete lumps) from concrete structures (e.g., buildings) and reusing them on site (as fill and roadbed materials). This reduces the number of construction vehicles involved in disposal and the number of vehicles transporting newly purchased materials. It also reduces the burden on the neighbors in the construction area. Recycle-oriented civil engineering not only contributes to the development of social infrastructure that reduces the burden on the environment, but it is also friendly to local people and does not generate unnecessary costs. Hongo Industry's civil engineering and construction business is divided into six main categories.